Monday, May 26, 2014

The signals are clear and the American people are still blind... Russia and China couldn't be more obvious.

I know it's been some time since the ol' Desert Dino typed up an entry. Forgive my absence please. Balancing out life's twists and turns aren't so cool a thing to handle, but it's the game I shuffle in and play like everyone else. I digress, and to the point. Russia is about to give a very serious reaction to what Hussein Obama and NATO is playing at.


Ivan is ready at the tactical level, in terms of handling, the useless sanctions that Hussein Obama is "imposing" and the reality check is that the politicians in Washington still isn't getting it. Going after Russian corporations, personalities, financial interests over instigated the FUBAR that is Ukraine has gotten way out of control - Russian Retaliation Document - This is pretty damn serious when one really takes a hard look at what's truly unfolding. That being WAR, or the advent thereof  - The Window for War - Today marks the commencement of two U.S. led CAX's (Combined Arms Exercises) Operation Juiper Cobra (IDF) and Operation Eager Lion (Jordan) and following the cessation of those military operations, NATO will initiate their operations in Ukraine. The timing of these events are not coincidental nor should this be construed as "the big boys on the block" game being played. This is for keeps gang. It's all real. The consequences are beyond comprehension and it's all for the criminal cowardice of the Central Bankers and Hussein Obama to cover up the inevitable collapse of the U.S. Dollar. More on the latter point later.

On another subject of interest is the People's Republic of China (Chinese Communist Poliburo), they seem mighty pissed off that the U.S. govt, specifically the U.S. Department of Justice through the auspices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, would dare to indict 5 of their People's Liberation Army Officers on charges of cyber-espionage - FBI Indicts PLA Officers - The response from Communist China seems tame on the surface of things, but I am convinced this will go deeper than what Washington expects it to be. The Communist regime has told its various state-owned enterprises to cut ties with U.S. consulting firms after the FBI indictments - State owned ChiCom companies ordered to sever ties - This is just the beginning of the economic brinksmanship that's being levied at the U.S. Mind you all, this is in addition to China holding America's insane debt. Imagine what will happen when both China and Russia dumps the useless U.S. Treasuries once they are in balance on making the gold-backed Yuan as the dominant reserve currency. Goodbye PetroDollar! Think this can't happen? Look at what is to be considered the biggest deal of the century in terms of energy sharing - The $400bn Holy Grail Natural Gas Deal - Does ANYONE have a clue as to what this translates to? Does ANYONE care? Let me help those out that do care... It's simple. This deal means the death knell of the USD. Period. The PetroDollar is going bye-bye and once the BRICS Nations - BRICS Data - and the elusive SCO - SCO Data - get consolidated on their end and execute their policies, it'll be game on. These guys are playing for real. The game is deadly serious. The consequences of what is transpiring is unimaginable.

I know some of you that are Leftists/Statists are laughing at this while others that are not are wondering, how does this truly affect me? How does this have any relevant meaning to my life? Here's how so... 1.) The affects are exponentially disastrous. Psychological Operations are being waged against the sleeping minds of Americans all the country over and it's to give you all blissful ignorance from a very bad reality check. They're failing at this. Yet, the economy is falling rapidly and people are starting to wake up to this, but not fast enough. Case in point - Inflation - Rising Food Prices - The red flags of recession are waving wildly, more like a depression is here and folks really need to take notice, - Recession Imminent - It's being shouted over the Netwaves on what's coming. Seriously, how many more warning are really need to get the hint that America is in very dire straits!?! - Fabian4Liberty speaks - Finally, a report that really brings things home for anyone to understand - The X22 Report  The mind games are being played at rapid speed against the hearts and minds of the American people across the spectrum and so many folks are willing sheep to be led to the inevitable slaughter that's to come. Is it really that cool to live in blissful ignorance now? 2.) As mentioned earlier, war is coming and there will most certainly be some type major false flag event rolling in that will take many by storm. It will cause mass confusion. Mass anger. Mass meltdown. Hussein Obama is looking to invoke "emergency police powers" aka martial law to retain continuity of government and his illegal third term. The documents are out there in the clear for all to read and understand just how far this rabbit hole goes and the lengths the powers that be are all too willing to exert against the the American people. Cases in point - Operation Gladio revealed - The basis for internment/resettlement of Americans called - REX 84 or how about Florida Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia's statement - Communism Works!!! You cannot make this stuff up if you were high and doped up... You simply cannot. These United States of America have been overrun by Red Diaper Doper Babies Funny right!?! Think again. These folks exists in every level of our society and are hellbent on instituting their agendas and policies. Look at the current Presidential Administration and their national and international policies. Look at the various Congressional and Senatorial representatives and their domestic policies and ask yourselves the singular question: What world are they from? 3.) Fundamental Change

We are traveling down a very dark road that will bring about some very bad things. Can the course be reversed? Doubtful. Why? Too many people are comfortable living in that blissful state of mind of, "if it's far away, it doesn't affect me" mentality and that my friends is damn sad and ultimately scary. The things good people will do when things go really bad for them and their families. The introduction of the biometric chip implants are here and quite real and it's being pushed for mass usage. No doubt the volunteers that did the beta tests proved the chips validity as a useful tool for the coming New World Order - Brave New World - Gee Dino! Are you getting Biblical? Yes. Why? Reality is here and it's going to hurt each and everyone of you. We are living in the realm of The Gray State , is this becoming too much for you? Is this scary? Folks, it's seriously time to wake up. Look at what's happening and how things are falling apart. It's high time for you all to get prepared as best you can. Even with limited resources, one can get the basics rolling to ensure one's survival. This isn't about politics. This isn't about my running an agenda. This isn't about misguided popularity attempts. This is all about your individual survival as Americans. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are being eroded to miniscule levels of authority. Truth be told, it's you the people that possess the true power and many have absconded and abdicated this authority for whatever reasons of illogic that fits one's ruling paradigm. Damn shameful. This was once a God-fearing and God-revering nation. This was once a nation that abided by the Rule of Law. This was once a nation that was shining beacon of all that was good and virtuous. Being a bit nostalgic and anachronistic? Perhaps. The America I grew up in wasn't anything like the current incarnation madness it is now. Judgement is being levied against America, let's be real on this. I pray for everyone's well being and sanity. I pray for folks to wake up and learn from the lessons of the past, communism is not the path of America. The costs of embracing that ideology too damn high. Savage speaks on Communism

You all take care out there wherever you all may be roaming. Expect more to come. The DesertDino runs, roars, and rants. This time around, I think I will simply walk and look at the small corner of the world I live in and simply be for this time around. I will leave you all with Command Sergeant Major Page and remember - It's a Republic if you can keep it I'm out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is NOT America...

"This is not America." Anyone remember that famous and very telling song by David Bowie? I sure do. Check it out and let it sink in - The imagery on the vid was quite telling, but the lyrics are what count. So much is happening on various levels in multiple ways that it can be quite hard to keep up with what's really happening here in America. We are being brought down! Brought down EDUCATIONALLY. FINANCIALLY. SOCIALLY. MILITARILY. WE. ARE. BEING. BROUGHT. DOWN.  On purpose and I will touch on this later, but soak this in because time is NOT on our side both as a people and nation.

Common Core. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Why do our children. Our future need Common Core. The very name is suggestive of everything should be common and regimented. No room for academic achievement. No honor rolls. No true sense of scholastic individuality. Concerned parents are getting arrested over asking about it. Debating it. Taking a legit stand. Arrested! Case in point - Father Complains About Risque` Common Core Assignment  Yet, the Main Stream Media aka Propaganda Central as I will now refer to them (that's the Dino being individualistic!), has not even bothered to report on this matter. They're too busy talking propaganda from their talking points HQ, that being Hussein Obama's machinae in DC. Fair Doctrine!?! Kiss it hard folks because it's what so many sheeple out there truly want. To be guided and told what to do. This is insanity! Where's the fairness in asking a question on matters of importance? Especially given the nature of the arguments on that link. Risque` books to teens that have not been approved by the parents, yet the STATE (in their infinite wisdom) seems to know what's in the best interests of the children that you the parent do! Here's another taste of the insanity that is called Common Core - The Ten Dumbest Common Core Problems You know folks, this really boils down to control. Controlling the young minds paves way to a very rigid future where being docile and unquestioning is the goal of the unseen elite. None of what I am telling here should be misconstrued as a joke or something equally laughable. Michelle Malkin's take on Common Core helps drive the point home - Michelle Malkin's POV This crap is happening in real-time and the sheeple need to take notice of the red flag being waved and it's not the only red flag that waving here in reference to the future of our Republic.

We are a Republic only in name and I will give you all something to chew on to hit home on that point.
A Republic If You Can Keep It  Reid Hendrix hits home on this notion. So many folks hit on that America is a Democracy when in fact, she is a Republic. The definition of a Republic is quite clear and the Founding Fathers, who incidentally has been labelled as terrorists - Founding Fathers Declared As Terrorists
 and look at how the Department of Defense runs with this mental insanity - Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers As Extremists is ANYONE getting the picture here? This is some very serious shit this piss poor excuse of a government aka regime is spewing. Gee! What constitutes a "regime"? Let's take a look, shall we? Regime Wow! It reads a lot like the rules and regulations of current day America. Anyone here agrees? Let's take another look on it - Merriam-Webster's Definition anyone reading this see the direct correlation to the word's definition and what's actually been happening under Hussein Obama's presidency aka rule? It can't just be me. The Constitution is being attacked by all three Branches of government, but moreso by the Executive Branch and why for the life of me, people are not protesting and arguing this save for the 3% is beyond me. Our very way of life has been circumvented, corrected, and converted. When the people have given up their liberties for more security, trouble begins to roll in and life as you know begins to radically change. I've heard folks say that it's all right for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to do the "security measures" they do for the sake of their safety. I'll be damned if the people didn't get conditioned to accept them. That's psyops or FM-3-05.30 it's quite a read, but for those of you who really want to understand the basics of the how's and why's. there it is for you. So many people simply gave in to the fear and accepted the TSA and now it's a commonplace thing. No one really thinks much of it. Nothing like good old fashioned mental/psychological conditioning to get the folks in line. no one here can't say they don't have their references to look over on this. The Department of Homeland Security has been asking folks to inform on other folks when things look wrong or suspicious, sounds like the "citizen spy" scenario has come into fruition - See Something, Send Something or how about what the crew at InfoWars had come across - Citizen Spy Smartphone App for iPhones & Droids this makes me wonder what George Orwell would be saying right now, I mean he wrote the playbook of the NWO in 1984 and here's why he penned the book to begin with - The Reasons Why .

Folks, there is a growing evil that is insanely prolific in composition, scope, and size. The Agenda is both seen and unseen. Ruthless in intent. Cold in purpose. It takes no prisoners, per se. It eliminates all who would dare to stand in its way and yet for all of their planning. It's unraveling and being pushed to promote war to keep the both a free and independent peoples blind, deaf, and dumb to the truth. Rules and regulations written on the simply authority of the almighty pen and the hubris of a single man that sits in he highest office of the land writing away executive orders like it's a damn handshake. Here are a few well penned out documents he signed into law without the consent of the people or it's duly elected representatives, that being Congress. RIP Bill of Rights. Hello NDAA - Indefinite Detention Made Legal  there are plenty of links to look on this subject lets get into the meat and potatoes of Executive Order 13603 imagine the level of power that gives a sitting President, regardless of the man that signed it. That's damn scary any way one looks at it! Hussein Obama has made it clear that he will be  Bypassing Congress His Way or how about the infamous statement I've got a Pen and I've got a Phone  not feeling so comfortable now are you? How anyone can be so blase` about what's happening is nuts. The American Way of life has been and is currently being erased and people are simply going on about their business like it's nothing to fret about. Hmm... How about these apples? Banks Have Deadline to Share Your Info  or Economic Recovery! Riiight...   This is from the X22report in respects to our failing economy The Dollar Collapse Lots of moving parts involved here, but it's all real and true.

The wake up call is real and surreal everyone.

Police brutality is at an all time high and people are getting battered, beaten, and killed. I do not agree with the idea of having a paramilitary police force patrolling the streets, but they are here and it is what it is. What I am about to post will be graphic and hardcore. My advice? Suck it up. Remember it. Learn from it. It's part of living in the world of tyranny. The Bureau of Land Management in SW Nevada Brutality or The Death of James Boyd or The Beating of Kelly Thomas these are egregious acts of wanton violence and this is happening in America. Judge Andrew Napolitano on What If

Sequestration of our military forces. Take a good look at this pic and read it up, The Atlantic Fleet it's pretty sad and scary to see that. It reminded of the pic taken of Battleship Row on December 6, 1941 Battleship Row (before and after) . What makes this so frighteningly surreal are the recent bold moves the Russian Federation has been doing to NATO with a major emphasis on the United States . 1.) Russians Approach US West Coast 2.) Russian Backfire Bombers and Flanker Fighter Support - Sweden 3.) Dutch air force intercepts Russian Bombers 4.) Russians probing UK airspace 5.) Royal Navy shadows Russian Destroyer  It may not seem like much and to many of you out there, it may seem like the Cold War has been revived. I must contend with that notion and say no. Who wants to waste more money on playing cloak and dagger when the real deal is quite simple. America is bleeding out really bad and our foes smells the blood running and at some point, they not simply come here to take a bite, but rather eat us alive.

To be continued. Run. Roar. Rant. Your choice.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Somehwere from in-between the truth speaketh loud and windy.

So, here I am now. This has been certainly a mighty long time coming in terms of getting back on the alternative media scene, but this time not as a talk show host online (mind you all, that's in the works!!!) yet, rather a part of the international blogging community.

Reasons? Simple. To help wake the sheeple up and to get those in-the-know to stay motivated in their diligence in preparation for that which is to come. What? Preparation? For what? One might be thinking. The Fall. Let's be clear on this singular notion, These United States of America, the Last Republic (as far as I'm concerned) is about to fall hard in ways many folks are simply not equipped and/or prepared to handle. How is this so? Simple. Sheeple that have been either all to willing to be led blindly by their government in exchange for their personal security OR sheeple that are just criminally ignorant to the truth that's unfolding around them, have opted to abdicate their personal liberties for a government that offers false promises and security in exchange for massive meta-data grabs into EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES. Unfortunately, this massive meta-data acquisition situation has extended to those people, not sheeple, that do think for themselves. Talk about a travesty. To think for oneself and speak out in PEACEFUL opposition is considered to be a thought crime of sorts, causes me to think back to  George Orwell's 1984. The dark irony of this has not fallen deaf and dumb upon the people that are awake. It's hard to conceive of such a reality happening in realtime, especially given how beautiful the day has been, yet  it's as real as the wind that's blowing hard upon me as I sit outside here typing this small rant for all to read. The winds of change are literally upon us all. Think about that for a second... Remember what Barack Hussein Obama ran as his campaign motto "Change That You Can Believe In". Most certainly Mr. President. I know you intend to  bring it...

On that note, I will leave you all with a few things to chew on and to research.

  • -National Defense Authorization Act
  • -National Defense Resources Preparedness Act
  • -UN Agenda 21
  • -REX 84
  • -First Amendment Zones
  • -Constitution-Free Zones
  • -Socialism
  • -Main Stream Media
  • -Normalcy Bias
  • -1984
  • -Animal Farm

Expect more to come from  me...

In Dulce Decorum

The Desert Dino