Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time to catch up. Time to prep up. Focus gang...

It's been two months, but here I am and here we go...

The level of criminal insanity from the Obama Administration has reached new heights of danger and hubris. The very notion of a porous Southern Border without adequate guard to prevent incursions from illegal aliens (yep, I said the "A"-word)), narco-terrorists, and now Islamic Jihadis has gone way past the red line. Disease and Pestilences have now entered the United States full blown and it is only a matter of time before things start getting out of control. The "unexplained" outbreak of various diseases that will effect the lives of many will come home to roost. Case in point, meet EV-D68 the respiratory virus that has children from the Missouri to now, California being rushed into various emergency rooms of hospitals across the country, for need of immediate care. So, I have been asking myself, not "how", but "why" this is happening now? I do not believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen all of the time, but I do not trust in coincidences. This outbreak certainly qualifies as being "manufactured" rather than being a "natural" occurrence in my opinion. Be well advised, EV-D68 is spreading like a wildfire, so what are you all going to do about it? Relief doesn't seem to be coming any time soon. At the very least, take precautions and keep you children healthy. Teach them the basics when it comes to cleanliness and sanitary methods. Schools are a breeding ground for all kinds of things. That is a fact. we have all been there at some point being ill. Some folks are the exception by being raised to eat healthy and avoid unwarranted vaccination shots. Take a good look at the UN's failed measles vaccination program in all places, northern Syria as reported by Dahboo77. Then we have the massive coverups in reference to the infected illegal aliens have been bringing over as Dave Hodges explains from his article dated back in early July.

Does anyone reading this really believe this mess has simply gone away? The joke is on us, the people of the United States by virtue of Hussein Obama's implementing his Fabian Socialism to the fullest effect. All of this continues unabated and unchallenged! Education only goes so far. The power still resides in the will of the people to say enough is enough, but thus far, only the 3% have been stepping up to the plate and that's roughly 52 million people in CONUS proper and that is NOT enough to say to stop the insanity.

 Finally, on the subject of diseases and viruses let me introduce you all EVD aka Ebola Virus Disease. EVD has no peer when it comes to taking whole population out. As a hemorrhagic fever virus, it burns through all that comes into contact with it. It is relentless. The fatality rate is roughly 98%. Geographical origins? West Africa. Now, it's no longer confined there and "opted" to jump the borders and run wild everywhere. So, some of you may be asking, who is responsible for this? I know Mother Nature culls the herd so to speak when the time comes to the cycle of life, but what if a group of rather unsavory and mega-rich personalities wants to usher in this culling faster in a way that's seemingly "coincidental? Enter the Kenema BioWeapons Research Facility located in Sierra Leone and what I do believe to be ground zero for this massive pandemic outbreak of EVD. Think I'm kidding here? This mess is so damn surreal you could not make this up. It defies rational explanation on the surface, but given how certain groups of people do believe in population control ala UN Agenda 21 as The Blaze explained two years ago, the threat is no longer imaginary. These people are playing for keeps here gang. Wake up!

Fast forward to the admission by none other than the CDC stating EVD is coming to the USA. Gee, last I checked it was confined to Africa, not the spreading to the U.S., but now we have people returning back to America infected. Since when did the hospitals here in CONUS have the facilities to contain such a disease? It is a Level 4 BioHazard Contagion
(FYI check that map out Gizmodo and see if you live near one of these facilities, doesn't hurt to know, right?) Now there is a patent owned by the CDC, NIH, & Bill Gates. You can all expect a mandatory vaccination shot coming in the not-too-distant future over EVD. The whole situation reeks of CONTROL. There IS NO other way to look at what is currently transpiring here in the U.S. and the rest of the so-called "free world". As if things could not get any more surreal, Hussein Obama "revised" Executive Order 13295 in this very document that was previously written up by President Bush, permits the detainment of persons demonstrating signs of any respiratory illness/infections and to be spirited off to parts unknown for containment. Here is a more simplified explanation to help on EO 13295. Think on these three words: Infection. Containment. Detention. I am not instilling fear here, but rather a sense of heightened awareness for everyone that is capable of reading this blog. Life as we know is getting more and more dicey. Those of you that are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus knows what I am talking about. This event has been scripted as explained about by The Health Ranger. Again, this is not fearmongering (politically correct euphemism), it's education. All of what I am presenting to you should galvanize and motivate rightness of action.

Profit by Disease. Depopulation by Death. Detainment by Internment. It's coming.

To those that still doubt what I have presented, chew on this sil vous plait? Sierra Leone is on total lockdown by their government for 72hrs. Population: 6 million. The evasions begin in Sierra Leone. Now, isolation. None of this is a game. Medical Martial Law reported from Dahboo77 - YouTube, it's all real and like he states, "it's no fearmongering". It's well planned charade that will cost the lives of untold millions, if not billions. What's in store for the United States? Just take a look at what Hussein Obama has ordered the DoD to do. The U.S. Army is deploying 3000 troops to West Africa to "combat" EVD! A Battalion of of America's finest is being deployed into the death trap. Where in the hell is the rationale for that? This is not USAMIIRID going in, but regular troops. Combat EVD how Mr. Obama? Are these troops qualified virologists aka virus-hunters? Is there something more about their deployment that we are not being made aware of? To add to the volatility, EVD is in fact, airborne. You do the math. Can this be stopped? EVD? No. Hussein Obama's criminally insane ideology and policies? Yes. The power resides in YOU, the PEOPLE. Time is running out. It doesn't matter if you want to believe in what I am saying, It's happening and you all still the power, but it's waning fast.

God Bless you all out there in the "zones." To our Troops heading "downrange" to that hellish place. I wish there was an easy way out, but I simply don't see it happening unless the people (sheeple) wake up and say, no more". You all know what the implications are in taking a serious stand and saying no to the tyranny. That is a very frightening place to be, but here we are.

Stay frosty. More to come. I'm out.