Thursday, June 5, 2014

No... I'm not done here and guess what!?! Neither are you that are reading this!!!

Yeah. Let's be real here. I'm damned fired up. Treason runs rampant from the White House and trickles on down like a smelly landslide of bullshit. There I said it and here's why...

President Barack Hussein Obama was pretty damn unrepentant for making the deal with the Taliban to release the Gitmo 5 in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl - Sergeant US Army by circumventing Congress. Three days ago the Gitmo 5 were released under the custody of Qatar without escort/guard and ready to go back downrange against our troops without hesitation. This poor excuse of a disillusioned Soldier should be tried for the following crimes against the Uniform Code of Military Justice under the Punitive Articles therein- 1.) DESERTION - Article 85. 2.) ABSENCE WITOUT LEAVE - Article 86 3.) AIDING THE ENEMY - Article 104. Article 104 is based on the allegations that Sgt.Bergdahl trained enemy forces, in this case the Taliban, in the competency and use of US military tactics and demolition techniques. This has yet to be proven and thus is both circumstantial and suspect at best. In my last blog entry, I introduced you all to the UCMJ.  The rules are clearly defined. Same with Article 3, Section 3 - U.S. Constitution and yet, Barack Hussein Obama still reigns with termerity in office. What the hell has happened to the both the democratically elected politicians in office that are mandated to handle this travesty of justice? What happened to the Office of the Sheriff in the United States where they too, are duly obligated to draft up charges against this President for treason and get a warrant for his arrest issued so he can be tried and convicted for the crimes made against both the Constitution and the American people? Am I the only one here knocking in this?  The men of Sgt.Bergdahl's unit, 14 of them, were KIA in searching for him and none of this was mentioned by that poor excuse of a so-called President sitting in office, yet he can go and play lameduck platitudes and sentiments about how Bowe's family and community had missed him. This is a man that willing deserted his post in an active combat zone. This is a man who spoke of his disillusionment of America, America's way of life, and his mission in various email correspondences, none of which was made confidential. What was the US Army doing about this begin with? Hadn't Army CID been made aware of Sgt.Bergdahl's beliefs and/or sentiments to the point where it, at the very least, warranted a cursory investigation? Why wasn't Bergdahl ordered to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation for combat fitness in the field? Bergdahl's squad leader, platoon sergeant, and platoon commander had to have known about him being that way. I served as a Rifleman in the Infantry as a Marine and I can say with a very high degree of certainty that sentiments such as Bergdahl's cannot be hidden nor ignored for the sake of expediency and need of wanting to have adequate numbers in the field. That's illogical and it potentially jeopardizes the lives of fellow men in the field that depend on him to have their backs downrange and increases the mission's risk. Where in the hell did our military standards go? Oh wait! I know! They've been feminized and neutered with costly ROE ( Rules Of Engagement) options that gets our people killed and promotes second guessing in the field. War isn't kind. It's not nice. It doesn't play by a set standard of rules as it once did back during the Colonial Times and prior to that. The politicians from the President on down think they know more than the men and women in the uniform out downrange. They couldn't be more inept or wrong in their views. Our overall effectiveness as a bonafide fighting force has been greatly diminished. Sorry ladies, not being sexist here. You cannot tell me that you are satisfied with seeing how things have been downgraded in our military, but I digress here. How is it on God's Green Earth that Bowe Bergdahl was able celebrate ANY non-Islamic holidays while under control of the Taliban. A force that is known for it's brutality and swift-handed death sentences on anyone that's a clear affront to the Koran? See where this is going gang? The answers are really presenting itself loud and clear.

Was anyone here aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigations under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Justice was literally running an investigation on none other than the late Rolling Stones reporter Michael Hastings on his subsequent investigation into Bowe Bergdahl? Mr.Hastings was on to something big and heavy. Why the smoke and mirrors? The Pandora's Box has been opened and US military/civilian hostage season is now open for business thanks to this alleged Commander-In-Chief (which he is not because the U.S. is NOT in a declared war by Congress ). Something very terrible comes our way and an awful lot of smoke and mirrors are in play to keep us all distracted from various truths. The Bergdahl case is a primary example of smoke and mirror games in action. What type of government do we have that plays such insane games of stupidity that costs the lives of American military personnel? Surrender without honor that is what Barack Hussein Obama did. There is no other way to look at it. Has anyone listened to the coded message Bergdahl's Pashto speaking father from the White House grounds spoke in the clear to both his son? The Taliban were quite pleased over Bob Bergdahl's reverence to Allah. I totally agree with Lieutenant General Boykin - US Army (ret.) on that Bergdahl shouldn't be drawing breath. He should be tried. Convicted. Serve hard time for life at Ft.Leavenworth at a minimum or face a firing squad at the maximum. It's just one Marine's opinion and I will touch up on the Marine issue in closing. Count on it.  Let's not forget what our foes in the Taliban promises, more kidnappings to come and this is acceptable how? Why wasn't the Constitution thrown at Barack Hussein Obama again? Why are the politicians wagging their pathetic fingers saying one more time if he goes this route again? Seriously!?!  There are no apologies from Obama. None. What does that tell you all?

What gets me is the very fact that Obama has done NOTHING to ensure the release of Sgt.Tahmooressi - USMC from Mexico! Sgt.Tahmooressi was beaten and tortured and he gets no rescue? No comfort in knowing ANY type of aid and/or rescue is coming? What kind of crap is that? There is more. How convenient it was that while making a surprise visit to Afghanistan that a certain CIA Station Chief had his cover blown "inadvertently" and it gives me reason to question the "why's" and "what's" on that FUBAR. Why was the CIA Station Chief's identity really uncovered? What did he really know about the Bergdahl Incident? Mind you all, this IS the Central Intelligence Agency I am referring to here, not some lameduck amateur wannabe spooks here. Professional spooks of both good and ill-repute here regardless of what one thinks of them. The Station Chief had to have known and had in-depth intelligence on Bergdahl, his whereabouts and true allegiances. How so? Even the Taliban has "agents" that work for the CIA that fed them the actionable intel on Bergdahl and it would make sense that such "agents" have infiltrated the Taliban.  On the other hand of this, Taliban saw tangible value in Bowe Bergdahl's capture and utilized his disillusionment to their ultimate benefit and you know what? It worked in unimaginable ways and has set the tone for future capture operations of U.S. military and/or civilian personnel overseas now and not just exclusive to the Taliban, anyone remember the late 70's and early 80's on the various terrorist hijackings? Some variation of that will come home to roost now thanks to Obama. No doubt Obama used this very deal to coverup and push aside the VA Scandal that was on the verge of wiping out his administration and fellow Statists of the Left. How?  It's all about the Veterans Votes!!! Chew on that for a bit, not all Veterans vote Republican... Benefits comes heavily into play here and it's about which side gives and which side cuts. Things that make you go "hmmm".

Then two days ago, Barack Hussein Obama before going to Poland sought $1.4bn in humanitarian aid and had a large number of "children" housed at Lackland AFB - TX. No doubt Obama's chief amnesty pusher and La Raza proponent, Cecilia Munoz  is loving every bit of this move made by her boss. Can anyone say "demographic change"? Interesting how things are tied in and mixed up to cause this man to look like a wannabe hero/savior. Obama is running the Saul Alinsky Playbook to the tee and everyone is being played for like blind mice.

 In closing, Barack Hussein Obama is acting like a wannabe hero and savior when in reality he's a real traitor that's running a very surreal and unpleasant agenda against none other than the very country he governs, The United States of America. I must state for the record here for all that read the Dino's rant, I am not holding Obama responsible for all that has transpired in America, that preceded him decades ago, but the plan was still running under the guise of certain Conservative circles under a different drumbeat at a different time, but Obama is certainly carrying things on in a very different and insidious manner and he is and/or will be, the nail in the coffin for America. Will there be a 2016 Presidential elections? You figure it out. I can't prognosticate, but I do know this much, Obama illegally traded the lives of five of the most dangerous operatives of the Taliban for a Soldier that had willingly abandoned his post, premeditated because let's call this what it is, Sergeant Bergdahl wanted out and wanted to give aid and comfort to the enemy. It was the perfect ploy to push aside a very relevant issue on America's military veterans being denied, dismissed, and dismantled by a secret group of folks that has ties all the way to the top in terms of this Administration that would've burned the house down to the ground. No funding. No treatment. Yet, in complete hubris, he dares to grab $1.4bn USD to give "humanitarian aid" to illegal children and house them on a US Military Installation when such funds, though fiat, would've provided much needed aid in terms of veterans medical care What a crock of shit if there ever was. The ramification of this Presidency and Statist agenda will destroy, not cripple America, outright. Offhand, were you all aware that Bowe Bergdahl was a Private First Class at the time of his alleged capture in 09'? He was promoted to Sergeant "in absentia". Who promoted him? Why?

Keep it real gang. Stay frosty. Remember situational awareness. Semper Fidelis.

I'm out...

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