Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Power. Lies. Corruption. All Equals a Very Big Fall for Everyone...

Here we are once more on the road with the Desert Dino somewhere out there in the searing heat having a pitcher of iced tea and talking about what matters to everyone or what should matter in terms of economic sanity and stability. It's the U.S. Dollar and what it once meant and what it currently means to you the reader.

The greenback has been around as a stable monetary note for a very, very long time and it was once looked at as a mighty stabilizer when the chips were down. People in America and the world over had once depended on the value of the USD to be a solid anchor currency of which one could make smart investments in and with. Everything that is labeled a consumer product on the world market runs and/or once ran on the U.S. Dollar as the reserve currency to trade and make deals with. Foreign currencies were and some still are, used to convert from theirs to ours. Folks at home use it to buy goods, fuel, foodstuffs, etc.. to have an easier life. The American Dream was based on a strong U.S. Dollar, that promised an ethos for generations, to promote the realization that one can attain their dreams in a country where freedom, liberty, and a strong economy flourishes and teeming with endless possibilities for a better tomorrow. Cases in point, 1.) To buy a house or car. 2.) To open a business. 3.) Travel. 4.) To help the downtrodden. 5.) Pursue a higher education. The list of cases can go on. Such a notion in the early 21st Century is a bygone thought now. A cynical look back at a unfulfilled promise of what-once-could've-been and what is now not even remotely looked at as a viable possibility for not only ourselves, but most importantly, for our legacy. The children.

A contrived economic collapse is in-progress in these United States of America and the indicators are all around us for the many to see. It's happening on various degrees and stages in plain sight for all to see. Yet, who wants to see this dark news of things not being kosher and smooth? You! The concerned citizen. You! The prepper that wants better for yourself and loved ones. You! The patriot that didn't bargain for this fiat-frenzied FUBAR to happen. You! The American Citizen. You! The legal immigrant that came here looking for the hope of a better life. That being said, let's take a look at some of stories of FACT, not FICTION that's currently in play to help you better understand what's taking shape in your world, because like it or not, it's imminent and that freight train of so-called prosperity and jobs galore is about to derail into the canyon of despair, disillusion, and destruction. James Turk spoke to King World News on the matter at hand of an epic economic earthquake that's coming shake the U.S.financial foundations.  The Global Ponzi Scheme that's designed to give everyone the illusion that the USD is good to go and paper money is great to have instead of precious metals like gold or silver. I wonder if anyone has taken notice at JP Morgan & Chase Co. is doing in terms of charging customers for making cash deposits starting 1 August 2014! Them apples aren't tasting so good now are they? You had all better be expecting the other banks to be following suit too in the wake of this and it's all adding up. Remember the time when you could deposit funds in the bank without having to be charged? Well think again. Take a good look at what countermeasures are in place in Europa abroad after they successfully ran their beta-tests on Greece with the end results being called cash limits for citizens that have every right to pull their funds out for whatever reason they like, but the EU doesn't seem to share in that notion. Count on the same happening here in the States. You see folks, denial by the Central Bankers is causing a lot of things to happen here. Why? They are desperately trying to prevent themselves from being held literally, accountable. Accountable to their schemes of plotting to bring down the USD on their terms. They have been pounding at creating friction in Ukraine with the Russian Federation and the now, but unavoidable tech and trade war with China. See where this is going? The Obama Administration and the Central Bankers are desperate in trying to avoid having both Russia and China from dumping the USD as a world reserve currency and having them somehow, maintain our debt. The desired result for the Central Banks is war. Under the guise of much needless bloodshed, they can attempt to revive the old system in a new way, but in order to do this, the Central Bankers need a cover/ruse so compelling to get people turned away from their activities and to home in on a "new" enemy that "triggered" the collapse in the first place. The sanctions being levied by this criminally inept excuse for a U.S. Presidency has caused Russia to react in a most direct way and there is no stopping this. A gold-backed Chinese yuan will be the game changer Hussein Obama, The Federal Reserve, Central Bankers/IMF, and EU do not want to see come to fruition. All the deceptions, lies, and thievery is coming full circle back in their collective faces and they're not liking it. Why? Because it reveals who and what they are and the people are waking up to this in a myriad of ways they do not want to see happen.In response to things, the BRICS nations have unified against the USD and the rise of the Sino-Russian alliance was born via the deal of the century.

What does this mean to you the regular American out there? It's simple. It means life as you know it in America is about to end in a most unpleasant way and serious adjustments to the way one lives in America will have to be made if one is to survive what is to come. It means a contrived economic collapse is in fact, imminent. Just to help you all understand the depth of our situation here is, the current status of our national debt. Our current unfunded liabilities debt and 1.5 quadrillion futures debt. Am I the only here who's head is hurting from all of this? I can't be. That shouldn't be possible. Perhaps some of you are having a smoke or a stiff hit of poison at the moment because the picture I am painting here is damn frightening and extremely ugly in every respect. IF what I have posted here doesn't wake you all up, I really don't know what will. Perhaps the 22% food inflation hike will galvanize you. Perhaps the EPA admission on the climate rule will help you all understand better. Expect a lot of prices to go up because that leads to the real bane that will hurt us all and it's called Hyperinflation and it should be learned from the historical context because the parallels from past to present are indeed quite telling. About the only thing item that seems good to get in terms of actual prices is the impending crash on ammunition prices and to all believers in the Second Amendment, this spells quite good and it the timing couldn't be better. Especially given the current state of affairs within the United States.

So, in closing here, the Desert Dino suggests you stock up on lots of water, long-terms storage foods, non-GMO seeds (if you can find any), medicines both OTC modern and holistic/herbal remedies, and ammunition, but the most important factor of all is to get your SPIRITUAL HOUSES in ORDER. It's vital that you all do this in your own way. Time is not on our side, per se and rather you have your spiritual houses in order than not have it set at all. Be smart. Don't delay in your preparations. Do what you can within the realm of your respective financial reason. Don't be angry or frustrated. I know! I know! It's hard not to after what I typed here, but look at this as having situational awareness of the current state of affairs. You are all owed that much dignity to be in the know than rather choosing to be sheep simply content with living in painfully blissful ignorance. To those living outside of America that are both citizens and non-citizens, get your ducks in a row too because this is all going to be a major series of domino effects that will impact the lives of everyone, not just America. Beware the black swan because it's coming to land soon.

Stay frosty all of you where you may be in the world. I'm out...

06/10/2014 - Addendum

This even took me for a spin at the rate of how fast things  have changed on the geo-economic stage. The political ramifications from this will explode back in Hussein Obama's face and he along with his Central Bank confederates will attempt to cover this up. It's NOT on MSM. The much anticipated Russian countermeasures are in full swing. No one can say that they were not warned of the consequences.

I'm out...

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